Port​ion​ Ma​nagement

GULP Portion Management is a company that weighs & measures portion sizes for people on specific nutritional plans & diets. We don't cook the food. We supply it packed & ready for cooking. If you do not have time to plan & organise your food, we have you covered.

What Makes Us Different?

We believe in RESULTS & value TIME

GULP was created to give you back your TIME

  • to focus on your everyday routine
  • worry free of weighing & packing your food portions
  • FRESH is best
  • Nutritional value is vital

This philosophy is what makes us stand out. We will invest our time, carefully studying each individuals nutritional plan. Everyone's meal plans are different.

Every person’s goals are different. This is where portion sizes make goals achievable, maximizing your results.

We want to help our clients get the best results & food is a big part of it. It's not just about exercise.


We offer our services to clients in Auckland, New Zealand. Anybody who wants to maintain his or her nutritional plan can turn to us & we are ready to help.

Our customers can be busy stay-at-home or working mums or dads, right through to corporates, professionals, athletes, gym junkies, up-and-coming sports stars & various sporting teams & clubs. We cater to anyone who wants to train & eat accordingly. 

80% DIET, 20% EXERCISE = Maximum RESULTS

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